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Jerrell Jones

I'm a California based freelance full-stack developer and I would love to help you with your project. Currently, I do all mobile related jobs (web and mobile apps) and specialize in HTML5/CSS3, Java, NoSQL/SQL. I can build any website, from huge dynamic apps to small static sites, on any budget. See my work below.

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HTML5/CSS3 85%
AngularJS 75%
Java/JavaScript 90%
(No)SQL 65%

I Build Great Websites

Being a full stack developer, I can develop any website from a database driven web app to a small static site. Every custom website built uses higher grade techniques and is fast, mobile friendly, scalable.

  Beautiful Code

I write clean, semantic, organized, and valid markup that eliminates excess code and allows others to easily understand and therfore update content in the future.


I build fast and efficient web sites. Fast websites always attract more visitors, and those visitors are more likely to choose you over the competition. In addition, website speed is essential for SEOfaster websites rank higher.


Responsive web design means that your website will work on any screen size, from desktops to mobile phones alike. Having a website that works well across all devices and screen sizes means your website has a broader reach, appealing to more visitors.


From a static single page website to a full fledged database driven web app, I build websites that give your organization the potential to succeed.



Creating Your Own Server ~ Linux Style

Learn how to create your own server using Linux, MongoDB, Node.js, VNC, SSH, and FTP.

Recent Work


Vote Right

Vote Right aims to raise awareness on the importance of voting by giving the general public information on every candidate, allowing them to make an informed decision on each candidate.



To enrich the lives of students with educational gratitude, while restoring confidence and having fun.

An organization that aims to inform parents about the importance of education and the benefits of tutoring, through One-on-One, Group, or Virtual tutoring sessions with customized plans for each student.

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